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Hormone Balance


Hormone Support for Men

Apex hormone balance is a synergistic blend of natural ingredients designed to support the body’s ability to balance hormones, including testosterone.
Chasteberry is a key ingredient in this formula and may help support the body in maintaining healthy levels of prolactin. Healthy prolactin levels allow the body to naturally rebalance hormones.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) supports the liver’s Phase I detoxification process, while Calcium D-Glucarate helps to support Phase II detoxification. Excess hormones and various toxins are neutralized via Phase II liver detoxification through a process called glucuronidation. By supporting these natural detoxification processes in the body as well as glucuronidation, a healthy balance of hormones may be achieved.

In addition to hormone support, this all-natural formulation may help support prostate health and dopamine activity and promote libido.

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Hormone Balance

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