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About Apex Wellness

About Apex Wellness

Apex Wellness seeks to provide individualized, patient centered and industry leading wellness, through hormone, health and lifestyle optimization – our goal is to improve the whole life of the patient. We at Apex feel that the current medical model does not seek to optimize patient health, and is primarily of benefit only when a patient is “sick.” Here at Apex Wellness, our initiative is to change that model from one promoting “sick care” to a model that improves the overall health state through flexible, Telehealth administered hormone optimization and wellness coaching.

Meet the Founders

Chris Russell, PA-C

Christopher Russell, PA-C

Provider, Cofounder

Chris is a Physician Assistant, who earned his Bachelors of Science at Middle Tennessee State University and his Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from Bethel University. Chris served in the United States Marine Corps honorably for 6 years before entering into his academic studies. He has an extensive background in medicine ranging from hormone replacement and optimization, community health, primary care, urgent care, and the emergency room. Chris received his hormone replacement training under a national hormone therapy provider, but felt the protocols could be further improved to optimize men’s performance and lifestyle even more. He has seen first hand that in order to truly optimize men’s performance you have to go beyond just the lab values. His goal is to provide a complete package through telemedicine to optimize performance and overall health. He feels he can deliver this conveniently, while eliminating the need for weekly clinic visits. Chris lives in Georgia with his wife, son, and daughter. In his spare time he spends time playing with his kids, working out, and enjoying the outdoors.

Ben Stringer - Apex Founder

Benjamin Stringer, FNP-C

Provider, Cofounder

Ben completed undergraduate training at Tennessee Tech, and completed his masters degree at University of Alabama in Huntsville while working in the emergency department. Ben has an extensive background in hormone replacement therapy, working in the field since becoming an NP in 2016. Trained under a national hormone therapy provider, he appreciates the patient satisfaction that comes with hormone therapy. He has also spent time with Urology, Emergency Medicine and General/Bariatric Surgery. Overall, he feels this gives him a well rounded background. He feels that telemedicine will be the new frontier in healthcare, and is excited to provide hormone optimization via this approach. When not practicing medicine, Ben enjoys spending time on the farm with his wife, daughter and dog. He is an avid outdoorsman, spending as much time as he can in the woods.

Apex Providers

Will Wilson

Will Wilson, FNP

Will completed undergraduate training at Tennessee Tech University and received his graduate training from Vanderbilt University. He has split his healthcare time between the emergency department and primary care, practicing in each for four years. As there are stark contrasts between the two fields, working in each has made him a more informed and balanced provider. Working with patients to achieve their individualized goals is a joy and it is one of the many reasons he has decided to join Apex. He wants to help patients live their BEST life for as long as possible, focusing on their “healthspan” as opposed to their lifespan through lifestyle changes and hormone optimization. Seeing healthcare providers for these benefits can be a challenge with a busy schedule, and that’s one of the reasons he is excited about using telemedicine to help reach patients more effectively. When he is not practicing, he loves spending time with his wife and son. He enjoys a wide range of hobbies including reading, working out, golfing, and is always trying to learn something new.

The Apex Approach to Wellness

At Apex Wellness, our philosophy centers on a holistic and integrated approach to health. We understand that true wellness is not merely the absence of disease but a dynamic process of change and growth. Unlike conventional healthcare models that often focus on treating symptoms, our methodology delves deeper to address the underlying causes of health issues, aiming for sustainable well-being.

Philosophy on Wellness

Our belief is that each person holds the potential for wellness within them, and our role is to act as facilitators in unlocking this potential. We see the journey towards health not as a linear path but as a personalized experience that accommodates the individual needs, goals, and lifestyle of each client. By stepping away from the cookie-cutter prescriptions of health, we’ve established a nurturing environment where clients are seen and treated as the unique individuals they are.

Our holistic approach means looking at all facets of your life, from diet and exercise to stress management and emotional health. We believe that by restoring balance and addressing health concerns from multiple angles, we can create a profound impact on your overall quality of life.


Our methodology is structured around personalization and cutting-edge science. Upon initiating your wellness journey with us, you will experience a thorough evaluation that considers your medical history, lifestyle choices, and personal health goals. From there, we craft a customized plan that is as unique as your own DNA.

We harness the latest advancements in medical science to offer targeted treatments such as hormone optimization, nutraceuticals, and medically supervised weight loss solutions with proven results. Semaglutide and tirzepatide, our featured compounds for weight management, are prime examples of how we use advanced therapeutics to support your health goals.

Our Telehealth services are a testament to our commitment to accessibility and convenience. We extend the boundaries of traditional healthcare by bringing our medical expertise to your doorstep, whether you’re in Georgia, Tennessee, or Florida. With our Telehealth model, professional advice, routine check-ups, and continuous support are only a call or click away, ensuring that your pathway to wellness remains uninterrupted no matter where life takes you.

By blending personalized care with innovative treatments and accessible services, Apex Wellness stands as a beacon for those seeking a more profound and comprehensive approach to health and vitality.

Keith Hill, MD

Medical Director/Partner

Dr. Hill has over 20 years of family practice and emergency medicine experience, with successful physician-led guidance of hormone therapy clinics.

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